Our Team

For the past three seasons, volunteers and archaeologists have been excavating and documenting Warwick, a 17th century shipwreck, that sank in Bermuda. The Warwick Excavation is a National Museum of Bermuda (NMB) project in partnership with Texas A&M and the Institute of Nautical Archaeology (INA),  in association with The Global Exploration and Oceanographic Society (G-EOS) and Department of Archaeology at the University of Southampton.

Warwick Directors

Dr. Piotr Bojakowski, Co-Director of the Warwick Project (Archaeologist/Conservator, NMB; INA Research Associate)

Dr. Katie Custer-Bojakowski, Co-Director (Archaeologist/Conservator, NMB; INA Research Associate)

Warwick Project Oversight

Dr. Jon Adams, (Head of Archaeology, Southampton University)

Dr. Kevin Crisman, (Assistant Dept. Head, Anthropology, Texas A&M University)

Dr. Edward C. Harris, (Executive Director National Museum of Bermuda)

Dr. Bruno Werz, (Historical & Heritage Studies, University of Pretoria)

Dr. Kroum Batchvarov, (Anthropology, University of Connecticut)

Dr. Nigel Nayling, (University of Wales Trinity Saint David)

The Warwick 2011 Crew, at Tucker’s Point

Warwick Team, 2012

Doug Inglis, Assistant Project Director, (Ph.D. student, Texas A&M)

Captain James Davidson, Project Marine Engineer

Mike Gilbart, Project Dive Safety Officer, (MA student, Texas A&M)

Maureen Merrigan, Project Conservator, (MA student, Texas A&M)

Robert Zuill, Project Videographer & Photographer

Jason Paterniti, MN’10, G-EOS President

Leah Crisman

Jeffery Delsescaux (MA student, California State University, LA)

Josh Harden, (MA student, Texas A&M)

Veronica Morriss, MA, (INA Research Associate)

Previous Seasons, and much missed!

Zoe Brady, Volunteer

Carlos Cabrera, MA, (PhD student, University of Oxford)

Patrick Dresch, MA

John Eastland, MA

Daniel K. Scott, (MA student, Texas A&M)

Rodrigo Torres, MA,  (PhD student, Texas A&M)

Susana Vallejos, (Illustrator, Vasa Museum)

Special Thanks!

The project has only been possible with the logistical support of Tucker’s Point Dive and Watersports Center, National Museum of Bermuda and Rosewood Tucker’s Point Hotel and Spa. Financial support for the Warwick Project has been provided by National Geographic, the Global Exploration and Oceanographic Society, the Center for Maritime Archaeology and Conservation, the Institute of Nautical Archaeology, and the charitable donations of interested parties.

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