Archaeologists in the Kings Castle

Diving | Archaeology

We stood in the ruined fort looking down at the sea. Each one of us was exhausted from months of excavation, but feeling rejuvenated by our climb to the top of Castle Island.

From our vantage point we could watch the ocean churn amongst the reefs lying out beyond the small barrier islands. Far beneath us the water surged amongst jagged rocks, swirling into dark eddies and casting foam high into the air. It was tempting to lean out as far as you could, but the limestone cliffs were weak and crumbling where we stood beside the four-hundred year old walls.

Castle Island defended the early colony of Bermuda. A natural battlement, it guarded Castle Roads, the only navigable channel between the reefs and rocky outcrops that surrounded Bermuda’s primary harbour and the King’s Anchorage. The island is home to three small forts. It was one-half of a sea gate…

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